Content Targeting

Content Marketing and Native advertising is a complement to your digital marketing campaign.

These ads will only interact with a user interested in / viewing content relevant to the target consumer. Native ads are not easily recognizable as an ad. They adopt the look and feel of a website’s content, inviting the viewer to engage them

What are Content Marketing and Native Advertising?

Native advertising is something that all of us are familiar with. It’s a type of online marketing characterized by a streamlined and unobtrusive ad placement and the targeted and valuable information that it provides to a specified demographic.
Native ads are placed within a website so that they don’t disrupt the experience of the viewer, like part of a story, and usually do not appear like a traditional ad in that they may not directly advertise for a product or service.
On the other hand, content marketing is a much bigger idea and has a wider and longer-term focused goal. Like native advertising, content marketing provides valuable information to raise brand awareness while targeting a specialized group of potential customers.
Content marketing goes further in that its primary focus includes nurturing the lead as part of a long-term process with the end result being sales and conversions. It is not a single piece of content but an ongoing marketing process that integrates into an overall digital marketing campaign.
It includes content assets like videos, guides, newsletters, whitepapers and blogs. Another important distinction is that the media shared through content marketing is owned by the business that is sharing it and can be a valuable digital asset of theirs, while native ads traditionally run on a “pay to play” basis on platforms that the company does not own.
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