Micro-Proximity / Geofencing Marketing

Micro-Proximity and Geofencing Marketing

It can narrow down the field for your ads and provide a higher rate of return by pre-qualifying customers through their search location.

What is “Micro-Proximity” Targeting?

This real-time, hyper-local geo-targeting allows you to serve ads to customers while they are at a specific location on a specific date or date range.

Micro-Proximity targeting offers the ability to serve real-time ads based on a location of any device within a defined 100-1000 meter proximity or fence. It offers the ability to target outside the U.S.

Searching for business on a phone

Quality Locations + Quality Device Lat/Long = Quality Targeting

Radius Mapping: Precise real-time location data is matched with an appropriate radius to draw scale and create your geo-fence. Radius can be down to 1 meter. OR, select a category of businesses. For example, target every college or university in an area.

Micro-Proximity Targeting Strategies:

Location Targeting: Reach consumers while they’re at specific locations, stores, offices, etc.

Conquest Visitor Targeting: Reach consumers who have visited your competitors’ locations.

Area Targeting: Bring potential customers in or ask them to come back when they’re nearby.

Activity & Interest Targeting: Reach consumers based on category of store they’re in, like coffee shops, bars, restaurants, etc.


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