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Consumers are using their smartphones and tablets more than ever, and 90%+ of that time is spent on mobile apps.

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What is “Device ID (DID)” Targeting?

Advanced spatiotemporal mapping allows us to target devices seen at a specific location and date as recently as 5 days ago and as far back as one year. Briefly, DID Targeting is exclusively a ‘lookback’ product. It captures device IDs from a specific address and time period as recently as 5 days ago and as far back as 6 months; device IDs are only retrievable for locations in the U.S.
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How Does Device ID Work?

here are 2 ways to gather DID data for an ad campaign:

DID Targeting by Location & Date(s): This method identifies mobile devices (users) that have been in specific locations during specified timeframes. We draw a polygon around any building/location(s) to create custom audiences targetable no matter where that user goes after their visit. By targeting the device ID we have high quality, real human user data to deliver your marketing/brand message. An Audience Insight Report is provided with this type of targeting displaying HHI, age ranges and other information.

Device ID Address Match: This method uses home addresses to match back to specific Device IDs. No Audience Insight Report is provided.

The following are some of the many ways to leverage DID targeting for your digital advertising campaign:

Visitor Targeting: Reach consumers who have visited target locations in the past, regardless of where they are now.

Conquest Visitor Targeting: Reach consumers who have visited your competitors’ locations.

Home Address Identification & Reverse Append: Link home addresses to device IDs, and vice versa.

Household Extension & Lookalike Targeting: Expanded audience segments that include other devices in the household and/or audience members with the same demographic and behavioral attributes

The Polygon: Our team uses specific address(es) and dates (or date ranges) to build a custom polygon in order to determine the number of devices seen at that location during that timeframe. Then, we can provide an estimated impression count that can be served to those devices and, if desired, other devices in the same household.

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