Video Bundled Strategies

enhance your ad budget with bundled video strategies

Video Bundled Strategies

Video AdMix = Facebook + Programmatic Pre-Roll + YouTube: This is a great starter package for clients who haven’t yet established themselves in the video realm of online marketing. If you don’t have a television commercial grade video creative, it’s OK! Take advantage of the most popular video platforms on earth, and expand your reach with Pre-Roll to hit the countless video players being watched on local content pages.

Extended TV = OTT+ Programmatic Pre-Roll + YouTube: This is a no-brainer for any client already purchasing TV spots, or has a commercial-grade video creative. This package requires commercial-grade creative, because the video will appear on OTT channels during commercial breaks (including before and after a show) for streaming and on-demand content viewed on connected devices (Roku, Apple TV, ChromeCast, etc.). Take that commercial spot and extend the audience to where they are watching most of their video content, with more geo- and data-targeting options. This also includes YouTube and Pre-Roll.

Omni Video = Facebook + OTT + Programmatic Pre-Roll + YouTube: Everything video in one bundle. This is for high budget clients who want to truly maximize their reach and get in front of as many eyes as possible. All four platforms are utilized, giving your campaign manager the best possible opportunity to optimize against a significant data pool.

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